Article 1 The follower transactions contained in the system are not guaranteed in any way and are not guaranteed not to fall. At that moment, followers uploaded instantaneously and in the form of a natural increase according to the speed and content of their service providers can leave the tracking in a short time, as well as bot and passive accounts within the uploaded accounts (if any) can be deleted by Instagram in a short time.

Article 2 Orders that you have placed are usually forwarded to service providers and processed there, on average, the transaction should be completed within 72 hours, but as stated in the service descriptions, some services have a slow loading speed, depending on this, the process is lengthening or shortening. Considering this situation, you should know that the completion process of your order will be extended and shortened.

Article 3 + 18, adult, iddaa coupon sales account or illegal gambling etc. accounts are prohibited to attract members.

Article 4 The balance entered into the system is definitely not refundable, but when we agree on a service with us, it is refunded if that service has problems and is removed.

Article 5 After placing your order, the account, shipment, etc. Do not change their ID, hide them, or shoot anywhere else before the order is completed.If the transaction ends incorrectly or results in a completed result without sending, no refund, cancellation or compensation is provided.

Article 6 Everyone who has registered and placed an order in our system agrees to these rules and cannot be a complainant and claim rights in case of any disruption.

Article 7 Although the data written in the service descriptions are out of date, they are valid in this agreement because we do not know what data any service instantly reflects, service descriptions are only preliminary information warranty and start times are not valid.

Article 8 the address is given via and again all people or visitors who make purchases by paying a fee for paid paid payment methods activated by them have read and accepted the fallowersales refund terms.

Article 9 it reserves the right to amend the foregoing articles without notice.